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  • Colour may fade
  • Water will stain and leave a watermark - take care not to apply water to this fabric
  • Dry clean only

Mock Suede

  • This fabric is tethlon coated
  • Dry clean only
  • Wash seperately

Mock Tafetta

  • Wash colours seperately, colours are inclined to run
  • Hand wash in cold water or dry clean

African cloths such as Shoowa and Mud cloth

  • Dry clean only, as colours may run

Leather, Ostrich Skins & Shins

  • Can be wiped gently with a damp cloth
  • Do not rub as this could remove pigment
  • To retain the moisture in the leather, occasionally apply a general leather cream


The Springbok is the National symbol of South Africa and the National Rugby team is nicknamed the "Springboks". The Springbok is not an endagered animal and there are currently approximately 2,5 million of these antelope in South Africa. There is a high demand for Springbok meat in Europe and in Africa and due to this demand Springbok is widely farmed in South Africa. Due to the demand for the Springbok the hide is a bi-product of this demand.

The culling of Springbok is strictly regulated and Leechi sources Springbok hides from a reputable supplier that adheres to these regulations.

Springbok hides are in high demand and it can be difficult to get good quality skins due to the demand but as a result of our good relationship with our supplier and our attention to detail and quality we can assure you that all our Springbok products are made from top quality Springbok hides.

Cleaning tips.

  • Cushion backing can be dry cleaned
  • We cannot guarantee the colour fastness on all dark & bright colour springbok
  • Do not place directly against a light sofa. Make sure the backing is against the sofa at all times
  • Slight shedding can be expected with Springbok